Want to change the world? Start off by making your bed

If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed.

– US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven

I started with the quote from a very inspirational video from YouTube that I recommend everyone to see. Especially the people with attitude described below.

This is about people (developers included) that keep complaining about everything possible when they’re not in control of their own quality. The guys that could point everybody’s mistakes but have problems identifying their own problems. Or, what is worse, they know the problems well and don’t do anything about it.


I’ve seen it many times, in different situations, from different people (not only devs of course) where the whole focus is on somebody else’s life. Jealousy for somebody earning more, being better at something, or simply achieving a goal we’d like to reach.

If somebody did something wrong, let’s punish him! Let’s publicly announce how much did he fail. Jokes and silently discussing behind his back is also a common practice.

How could such people live, without even a small portion of empathy and understanding? Normally, one could think they are flawless, everything they do is a spectacular success. Wait, but, really?


From my experience, the people that are successful and really perform well, are usually empathetic to other people more than anyone else. They also don’t care if you earn more. They are focused on their goals and executing as much as they can.

The only person that never fails is the one that doesn’t do.

I think that the process of improvement is actually about being able to fail and learn from the failures, so that next approach is more successful. If you punish people for failing, they might never have enough power to improve, they may give up and miss the chance to become the best.

Try to find that empathy in yourself. Think about why they did it like that, how could they improve, how could you help them become better at it? Treat them as you would like to be treated in their situation.

Developing software is mostly a teamwork. If you’re being a jerk for your team, don’t expect to benefit from being a part of it.

No self-development at work?

So you claim you don’t develop yourself at work. The framework is old and the code is legacy you hate to work with. You know the web is trendy these days, maybe some AI would be nice?

Well,  I do think that self-development is very important, especially for developers. But before you start exploring new technologies – are you already good at what you are doing today? How do you know, did you measure it?

Do you write unit tests? What’s the coverage you’re aiming at? Do you know code metrics? Is your code well written? Do you document your developments well?  Do you consider the performance topics when writing the code? Do you measure it? How about quality, do you receive bugs regularly? I bet it’s not your fault 🙂 Code reviews? I’m sure you’re doing it often and share your wisdom with others. Or maybe you’re afraid of others seeing your code?

Like in the quote from the beginning of the post: start by making your bed.


Last, but not least. Be grateful for what you have. Believe me it could be worse, always. I know it could be also possibly better, but being grateful for what you’ve been given always pays off. When gratitude rules your world, you’re less willing to judge others,  you don’t take things for granted, you feel grateful and that motivates you to become even better.

Gratitude, my dear reader, is the key.


If you feel touched by this post, if you feel you possibly behaved like that in some way in the past, I have one very important message for you:

Don’t worry about the failure. Get up and move on.

Start today the next episode of your life. The episode of changing the world by changing yourself to become better in every way. Especially by helping others in becoming better, it’s always a win-win situation.

Don’t be a jerk. Be grateful. Be empathetic. Change the world.

Advent of Blog

This is my twentieth post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in the first post of the series.

Stay tuned.

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