JavaScript frameworks – status in December 2017

Normally, one or two years ago, I would say that while writing this post, 100 new JavaScript frameworks have appeared that are worth checking. The same was with bundling and compilers/transpilers. They’ve been all multiplying themselves and one could think that this is just the beginning.

Today, when I look back at this topic from a perspective of ~2 years, I could swear the situation seems to be getting stable. I will share a few of the frameworks that I think are leading here but feel free to add your ones in the comments if you think they should be noted within this number of the top frameworks.


Angular reached 5th version and seems to be quite a stable option if it goes about production framework choice. It’s even been put by ThoughtWorks radar in the Trial section in their last report. This is also the one I know the best from the modern JavaScript frameworks.


Vue.js is a framework which has been placed in the Trial section of ThoughtWorks technology radar. One year ago it was in Assess ring, but it has matured enough and has really good opinions all over the web.  Since the initial release in 2014, after releasing the 2nd version that inherited a lot of good parts from its direct competitors, it got really good and should be considered among the other choices when selecting a framework these days.


React.js is a framework/library from the Facebook team, which is used to implement views’ components in… facebook. This should be enough for many devs to know it’s worth checking.

The framework is already mature and has really a good adoption rate, which comes also from the fact it’s been released in 2013 (that’s 3 years before Angular2) It’s a very safe choice, it’s been in the Adopt section/ring of the ThoughtWorks technology radar.


Picking a framework and comparing it to other ones is a very subjective topic, but I’ve heard from many developers that Ember is one of the first choices among most of the existing frameworks. Its beginnings are reaching even 2011 year what makes it a very mature framework. It also results in really good docs and dozens of tutorials all around the web. Ember is in the Adopt section of the ThoughtWorks technology radar since November 2016.


Stencil.js is a very cool concept, especially these days when JavaScript specification is being actively developed and many of the solutions are trying to adopt new web concepts before it makes it to the ECMA specs.

Stencil.js is a nice compiler that generates the standards-compliant Web components, what makes it really nice as it doesn’t introduce framework-specific elements like in Angular. This means you can use Stencil in Angular, or any other as it doesn’t require any framework to use it.

I believe this is a very nice option. Besides, it’s done by Ionic, so must be cool 🙂


I know there are other frameworks/libraries like Meteor, Aurelia and more, but it’s not the number I wanted to bring up here, I know there are many. I wanted to enlist the ones that are among most popular ones as of today, just to visualize that there are already some quite mature options there. I also see that for most of the frameworks they are actively developed and adopted by the community, and the insane ration of the creation of JavaScript framework looks like gone for now.

Or maybe the frameworks aren’t just that good? Or it’s just not that loud? Or maybe I’m not informed enough :)?

What is your opinion on this topic, please share with us all.

Advent of Blog

This is my eighteenth post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in the first post of the series.

Stay tuned.

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