Achieving happiness by helping others

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The topic I want to discuss today is based on an observation that turns me on for my whole life. It’s about greediness many of us have inside, that I’m fighting for years myself, and about being blind to other people’s problems. About the lack of empathy and understanding.

How is it possible, that the more people have, the less they give?

I noticed that hundreds of times, everywhere.

The poor people, maybe because that they don’t think they have a lot, are usually insanely open to help others. They also appreciate what has been given to them, without this demanding approach that everything belongs, or should belong to them.

On the other hand, I see people earning a lot having a problem to give anything, even 1 PLN  (or 1 EUR/USD), because “they earned it“. Even if they spend it on some useless stuff that they don’t need. It’s their money and they spend it whatever they wish to.

How much easier is it when you really appreciate what’s been given to you? How much is it easier when you know that things are given and taken, and the only thing that remains is how it created you, how it affected your conscience?

I know that people used to ignore the problems of the world until they have to face them by themselves. I think it’s essential to realize that those people that are being hurt by all the disasters that are happening every day to thousands of people all over the world, were not special. They had a life like we all, mostly being busy with everyday life and not thinking about many possible ways their life might turn one day.

But then, one day, it happens. And all your previous experiences mean nothing, you have to fight each day to survive. Depending on what’s the problem, there might be a very high price to pay. Even if you’re a very rich person, it might not be sufficient to deal with the problem, sometimes there’s no money you can pay to help yourself or somebody very close to you.

Why am I writing this post?

It happens I work in IT, and it happens people in IT are earning more than many other professions, which isn’t necessarily a result of being smarter, more educated or better in any particular way.

I wish I could impact anybody from this world (or anybody, not only from IT) to think about the others and reach out to them. Even if it’s just to try, even if it’s just to show to others that they do care, whatever. The reason is not really important to me if only the person that needs help is getting it. I often hear that somebody is giving the money to the charity only to pretend he cares, to pretend he’s not selfish. I don’t care. Every help is appreciated. There’s just so many people out there waiting for it.

You will see that helping others makes you happy. Just like that.

I want you to be happy. I want to help people. Let’s do both.

There is a very little chance that my post will change anything in this matter, but even if the probability is like 0,001 and I will manage to get 1000 people reading this post, it’s  still 1 person that I might impact. It is more than I would expect. If every blogger does that, we would have quite a nice community of supporters 🙂

How to help others?

There are many ways, probably unlimited. I am not an expert, but I could at least say how I’m doing it.

The first obvious choice is charity. There are many choices here, from the abandoned children to rape victims, through race segregation or family violence victims, poor people, addicted people, children of Africa… Actually, there’s so much of it that the post is too short to mention all of them. I think everybody that needs help shouldn’t be left alone with his problems.

It happened I’ve chosen (Polish, sorry) Fundacja “Dorastaj z nami” which is supporting families that either of parents died on the duty (police officer, firefighter, soldier, …).

There’s also this website called (Polish again) Się Pomaga which is a community-driven approach, where people can request help and others may support them in their concrete problem by paying even a small amount just for this particular need they have at the moment. This website makes me feel embarrassed. There’s no amount I could pay and feel it’s enough. If you only start browsing this website, you will have a quick lesson how fragile life is and how one’s life may change in one day.

There are also more difficult options, which probably require being really dedicated to the problem and feeling the mission, like being a volunteer in a hospice. Very difficult, but also very necessary.

I am not advertising any of those. Find your own ways to help others. Pick one, or many of them, whatever will it be, and give something from yourself. Do it regularly and feel like you’re not living here alone. I strongly believe it will come back to you, that this will pay you back somehow.

Maybe one day you will need help, and a post like this will make somebody help you. Maybe you won’t need it and the *only* benefit you will have is feeling happy that you are helping others.

You may change somebody’s life for good. There surely is a person that needs you. You can help them, I hope you will do it.

It really matters. I want to believe it. I want you to believe it too.

Believe it. Help others, be happy.

Advent of Blog

This is my twelfth post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in my first post of the series.

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