How do you motivate yourself?

Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts about motivation, which I think is one of the most important things for me on a daily basis. I want to stay motivated as much as possible. Motivation is crucial, just as execution.

I’m following a few guys that could possibly, eventually, totally impact your mindset if you dare to believe them. Let me bring those guys here for you:

Gary Vaynerchuk

There’s just something that makes this guy a magician. Not sure exactly which attribute is it. Is it this awesome kind of hyperactivity, or rather the consistent execution of whatever he only thinks about. One thing is sure – listen to this guy and if you’re only looking for a motivation, he’s there to give it to you.

He’s a CEO, an investor, social media marketing rock star, he’s running a blog, recording a podcast, vlog, QA show, he’s a book writer and God only knows what else. Probably during the writing of this blog post he started some new initiative.

I love him for the simplicity and clarity of his approach: Just do the shit you love, don’t overthink shit, simply execute.

Ah, and he’s the guy responsible for my motivational desktop wallpapers collection. Just like this one:

Source: Gary Vaynerchuk wallpapers collection:

If you don’t know where to start, you could begin with his website:

Anthony Robbins

Tony is just yet another guy that went from 0 to a level where you can’t really count what he owns. He’s been writing some books, which usually (so average) top ratings of NY Times bestselling books. He’s helping CEOs around the globe to find their strength and get their businesses to the next level. He’s running a podcast, you could find his videos on YouTube, and whatever way you will find convenient – you should definitely give it a try. Each minute spent with this guy is worth it.

Start off by heading to his website:

Simon Sinek

Simon is an author of brilliant books like “Start with why” or “Leaders eat last” which I would recommend to everybody, not only leaders/managers. He’s a speaker with a simple and straightforward, yet powerful and inspiring view on life values. There’s plenty of videos on YouTube which you can watch before you try his books.

As before, I would point to his website for a good start:

Thomas Bilyeu

Tom is running a podcast called Impact Theory, which is among my favorite ones. He’s an entrepreneur owning a company called Quest Nutrition, which made him a billionaire. He’s a very positive an influencing person and I definitely invite you to check out the content he puts on the web.

Check out his website. You will thank me later 🙂

Many others

There are many others, which I won’t describe in details here, although probably all of them deserve it. It’s just that I don’t have next 2 days to spend on writing 🙂

Check them out in your, so called, spare time. Mel Robbins, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic, but also Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are many people from which you can get inspiration if you only decide to.

Do we really need it?

If you would ask me about the need for motivation – I would surely answer: yes.

I know there’s the saying “Motivation is the new procrastination”, which means that people that are lazy are spending their lives on motivating themselves, instead of actually putting in the hard work to succeed. I believe those guys would be lazy whatever they do, so it’s not the motivation that is the problem here. It’s their hesitation to move their asses. Sometimes people simply like to be lazy and feel good when doing nothing.

I am absolutely against spending days on watching motivational content. It’s just about those tiny moments, when you feel like you’re down and can’t move forward, it’s to help you establish a new mindset that will energize you day-by-day and visualize your potential. Apart from that, there’s also a powerful example those guys are sharing by bringing up their successes – it’s less about what they say, more about what they do.

Now go check it out. Get inspired. Stay motivated.

Advent of Blog

This is my ninth post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in the first post of the series.

Stay tuned.

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