Advent of blog – first week summary

Before announcing Advent of blog, I was hesitating. One post per day seemed a lot, especially given that it’s December, so very busy month as always. Not only at work, but also at home.

Today is 2nd Sunday of Advent. So far so good, I succeeded in writing one post per day, this is my eight post. There are still 2 weeks to go, but I feel like I got used to this discipline.

When I started this blog for the GetNoticed contest in 2016, I struggled to write 2 posts per week. How is it easier now to write now over 3 times more posts during the week?

I think the only thing that makes it easier is that I don’t have to write any code, which in my daily schedule (already tight) means a lot. Besides, at work I’m managing, not coding, so the conclusions I have recently about IT are more on the motivational and organizational level, than the technical details stuff.

Apart from that, I think it’s more or less the same. What’s needed is a strong motivation, clear plan, and proper organization. So Advent is a very good motivation for me. The plan is also very clear – 1 post per day; it’s much better than 2 posts per week. Why? Because it’s as simple as you can’t skip a day, not a single one. If it’s 2 posts a week, you may be postponing it for the first 5 days, because there are still 2 remaining. Clarity is essential for success.

When you define such clear plan and are motivated to accomplish the mission, some things are just popping up without having to really think about them.

So during the day, I know I have to write a post. When some interesting topic appears, I’m just writing it down to get back to it later. I have around 32 drafts saved with one line of comment just to expand it later when I have time to work on the post.

There’s also family, which has to be clearly informed what is the organization. When will you be working on the posts? How long will such period last? What does it mean to them? I defined late evenings period from 3rd to 24th December, starting at 10PM. That is very clear and all other things may be arranged so that it doesn’t interfere with my plan.

Last, but not least, what changed since I started this blog is that I don’t care that much about the opinion of people. I do care to bring some value with the posts and am really pumped when I see how many visitors I have (even hundreds each day).  It’s just that I tried more to write something nice before; today I’m just trying to be myself and write about things that are bothering me. I would love to see some comments but so far it’s mostly a dotnetomaniak pingback that I get, whatever I ask 🙂

I hope some people do enjoy reading this blog at least half as much as I do when writing it. I would be happy to get some feedback from you, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Advent of Blog

This is my eight post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in
first post of the series.

Stay tuned.

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