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I know there’s the stereotype of programmer-nerd that takes a break from programming only to play some games or watch another movie series.

I know also that this is not quite true, looking at the people I know from IT – many of them are rather fit and try to keep moving to stay in a good shape. Not sure how much of them, let’s say 50%.

What I wanted to address in this blog post today is that 50% is not enough.

It’s very important to motivate the other 50% to move their asses and do something with their health.


We’re spending the bigger part of our lives, wired to the chair in front of the computer, which may result in lots of health problems. Starting from back problems, through carpal tunnel syndrome up to psychological topics like depression and many others. The sitting lifestyle, improper diet, quite often alcohol, all this doesn’t help our heart to work peacefully.

There’s also the CPU = brain, which is not really detached from our body. It’s actually connected to everything and most (if not all) negative syndromes are quickly impacting your brain. So maybe if not being fat, then being more stupid (or less smart) is the argument that works for you.


There are many alternatives for you.

I love running. I’m running in some public races, even reaching half-marathon twice already. I even have a running blog (I admit, there’s not much content there and sorry, Polish only), but running is only one of the options. When I started my running adventure, I’ve seen a lot of articles saying, that if your weight is really high, having a walk is much better for you than running. I know people exercising in the gym, CrossFit, heavy lifting, swimming, cycling, or climbing Mont-Blanc, choose whatever motivates you, whatever will drive you to do this on a regular basis.

Consistency and patience are the keywords here.


Staying fit will help you feel better (really, it’s much better and it’s easily noticeable), it will allow you to stay sharp, it will increase your self-confidence and as a result, you’ll decrease the stress level and become more positive.

Positivity, in turn, brings a lot of other benefits as you go along, but that’s probably a topic for a separate blog post.

Some specific types of training, like long-distance running that I prefer, gives you a unique opportunity to … stay alone with yourself and re-think things. While you’re running the endorphins are released and you’re entering a new level of relaxing.

It’s really cool to chill sometimes and detach from the “outside world”.

There’s also a motivation, a big chance that once you start doing something, you’ll achieve more and more, you’ll set your goals higher and that will motivate you even more. At some point, you’ll notice it’s not the will to stay healthy that drives you, but the will to become better at whatever you’re doing. Such attitude transfers to all other areas in life – at work, or at home, your mindset will change.

As an example, this year we’ve run two 10km races and two guys from my team were so pumped that they signed up for a half-marathon next year in March.  I believe they would be laughing loud if somebody told them one year ago they are going to do that.

So if you see friends needing such motivation, just do it. If you are the one that needed it today, I hope I transferred at least a bit of my motivation to you.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Go do.

Advent of Blog

This is my fifth post in the series of Advent of Blog 2017. I will be publishing one post per day as I mentioned in my first post of the series.

Stay tuned.


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