Daj się poznać/Get Noticed 2017 – Kickoff

When I think back, to a year ago, when I registered in the competition dsp’16, I feel a little old … 🙂

The level of excitement, which I have experienced back then was simply huge. The thought about (finally) starting a blog, in the same time getting to know all the nooks and crannies of the modern JavaScript frameworks (especially on the server side, as at that moment I already had experience with AngularJS), plus the fact that there’s so many people out there, who (like me) want to start the same adventure with blogging … Yeah, it was a really nice feeling.

Life has quickly verified my plans.

Children, work, and most importantly, all this wandering in the depths of webpack logs and fixing problems with the versions of different NPM packages, from which my application was dependent, and many other problems, the nature of which to this day I can not understand, for me was unacceptable. World of JavaScript was supposed to be different. At least believing the hype around it.

We, the people raised on statically typed languages, used to .NET and how it is released, along with tools and dependent libraries, we have no idea how much troubles it can generate, when people are given complete freedom about how they release and version their packages. Especially if you don’t have years of experience in this area.

I joined the competition for the second time now. It still excites me and makes me want to explore new technologies and learn as much as I can, but I definitely have a stronger will to bring the project to the end. To the point where I will be able to say that the work is done and I’m satisfied with the results.

So I decided that the choice of design and technology will be more mature this time. That despite the innate, inner need to learn new, I will find a compromise, not to get stuck in the middle of the project.

Even though I had a pretty ambitious project ideas, I decided to choose the application … from the previous edition. So again, exactly the same website aggregating videos from the network, dealing with the .NET technology. With the small difference, that instead of NodeJS, I’ll pick up ASP.NET Core on the server side.

I thought it would save me a lot of time. I already have thoughts regarding the requirements and solutions and won’t need to spend time on it. Besides, I believe that although ASP.NET Core is a young framework, it will be much more pleasant to use than NodeJS.

Does this mean I totally quit NodeJS forever? Of course not, but I want the competition to run without sleepless nights, which was obvious consequence of such number of problems and the sheer volume of daily duties.

The plan is carefully scratched. Angular (possibly the most recent version, so v4 for today), ASP.NET Core and MongoDB. The minimum set of functionality that will allow people to use this website without pain. I would like to reuse some things from the previous edition, but for example in Angular world, so many things have changed that I wonder if that’s even possible 🙂

So far I’ve created a project on GitHub and even a couple of commits has already landed, so I think there is nothing more to say today here.

Challenge accepted. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned 🙂

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