Wrocsharp 2017

About Wroc#

WROC# is a tech conference for. NET developers. It’s hosted in Wrocław, POLAND.

The inventor and organizer @lukaszgasior from @ObjectivityLtd made it for the 3rd time, each time being an inspiration day for all attendees.

Previous two editions have been free for everybody, who was able to register (all tickets booked in seconds). This year, they decided that it will be paid and the money will be donated to the charity organizations from Poland:

  • http://naturaiczlowiek.org/
  • https://www.przystanekrodzina.pl/
  • http://www.larche.org.pl/wsp-wroclaw/

What a brilliant idea!


  • Frans Rosin: Go hack yourself… or someone else will
  • Chris Klug: AngularJS Tips from the Trenches
  • Maarten Balliauw: What is going on? Tips and tricks around application diagnostics on Azure
  • Steve Sanderson: ASP.NET Core for Angular2, React and Knockout developers
  • Tess Ferrandez: Debugging .NET performance problems, memory leaks and crashes
  • Shawn Wildermuth: Developing ASP.NET Core in VS Code
  • Discussion Panel with the speakers

Best Sessions

@fransrosen: Go hack yourself… or someone else will

Very interesting presentation from Frans, who I totally didn’t know before, and it seems like I should. His whole presentation, even though not very .NET-related and not very technical (no code), was very interesting and inspiring.

Frans told us how is he penetrating big companies’ websites and services, finding bugs and security vulnerabilities. He’s rated #5 of all time at HackerOne.

Frans told us about some very big companies that he has hacked, earning a lot of money and having a lot of fun in the same time. The companies included facebook, github and many others. Have a look at his profile at HackerOne, really impressive.

@stevensanderson: ASP.NET Core for Angular2, React and Knockout developers

Steve is my idol. He’s been working on the massive SPA website for Azure management, before he joined ASP.NET team to help this framework become the favorite one for website developers. His experience gained during the time he worked on Azure seems to be already delivering added value to what we’ve seen in ASP.NET Core so far.

Given what I said about Steve, of course this session was my favorite one, even that I have already seen this topic presented by him some around one year ago, at NDC London. Why? Because this is exactly the framework I am using for the competition Daj się poznać 2017. Besides that, for the past year, a lot of things have changed, especially that JavaScript services have recently been finally, officially released.

As usually Steve was cool on stage and I already have couple of new ideas for my project. Thanks Wroc#!

@ShawnWildermuth: Developing ASP.NET Core in VS Code

I know Shawn from twitter, where I’m following him for a pretty long time already. He’s traveling all around the world, giving presentations and trainings, and his session was like totally placed in the world of technologies I am using for Daj się poznać 2017. I’m also writing in VS Code, using ASP.NET Core, so I couldn’t miss it.

The presentation was rather an easy one, very introductory, so that people that are not using VS Code could understand its power and flexibility.

I knew that, but even though, I still enjoyed it a lot. Shawn’s sense of humor and easiness with which he’s doing his sessions makes it really enjoyable and even though it was the last session, and we’ve all been tired already, I didn’t get bored at any moment.

Shawn showed us how ASP.NET Core is different from the previous versions, so how can you start from VS Code, and a project that only sends some text to the browser, without even producing HTML code, doesn’t know what is CSS and routing. He was adding more and more features, by configuring the website, showing us dependency injection mechanisms and many features, which you normally would get by default, without knowing about it, and which ASP.NET Core, allows you to select by yourself.

I really liked it, I would pick his presentation also next time for sure.

Daj Się Poznać

At the very beginning of the conference, walking around to grab some coffee and something to eat, one could feel Daj się poznać 2017 in the air. People have been discussing their projects and expressing fascination, which made me feel cool, being a part of the community. 

I’ve also seen @maniserowicz while preparing to record his VLog. We talked a bit about the competition and other stuff. Today, Daj się poznać 2017 Seems to be a topic everywhere, cool! 

Wrap up

I’ve been at the conference with 13 other members of my team, I’ve also met a lot of other people, from Wrocław and other cities, spending  my time really nice. The sessions were cool, so there is nothing bad I could say about this conference.

Hopefully I will have possibility to go to Wroc# also next year. I wish you all the same!

Stay tuned.


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