Azure comeback & Users registering


It appears, that there’s a subscription for Visual Studio Online users that is allowing to use 25EUR per month for development purpose. What a nice surprise. I have just subscribed and will try to get my website up this week (as far as I remember, due to some python packages I needed to transfer my node_modules to the server, because I can’t install stuff like python or VC++ dependencies). It’s always good to have something up and running in public.

I have already selected my deployment settings as github repo, so when I push to my github repo, azure website should get automatically updated. And that is precisely the case, but deployment script fails on the mentioned problem. Been there, done that.

Users management

I’ve just saved first user using my register form. There’s some issue with password on saving but the entity was saved to the db. There is almost no form validation and login/register buttons are aligned … ugly, but I managed to make it working, so I am very happy. This means that the user-register form is good, but also passportJS integration works as it should be. What’s still to be worked out is how the authentication token should be managed on the website level. I have already searched a bit on this topic and it seems I am going to dive into angular2 http interceptors, which allows you to intercept a http request and do some additional stuff there, like for instance, request authentication.

NPM stuff

I mentioned in my last post, that I get loads of duplicated typings error messages during webpack build process. I got rid of that by updating some packages I am using, I think the important ones here were typings and typescript . I have recreated my local typings then and the problem disappeared – what makes me happy 🙂

I still have angular2 upgrade to RC on my todo list, but I think that is going to happen not earlier than in June, when Daj Się Poznać will be already over and there will be no time constraints for fighting with npm dependencies issues, which I am almost sure will be the case, as it was for all my deps update so far. I’ll focus now on users management and videos creating and displaying. For today, I just need to commit, merge, push and … go to sleep. Stay tuned.


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