Daj Się Poznać – project status

Daj Się Poznać – Project status


Two blog posts a week, open source project. Simple as that.

I might be in a specific life situation or maybe something is consuming more time than it should, but to me, the two posts requirements on a weekly basis is far from being easy and that’s something I wouldn’t say before I started the project.

I noticed that I find myself very often in a situation where I need to stop coding and think how to post some content that will actually make sense and bring some value. There may be many reasons for that but I think the most obvious ones are…

No time

Coding time is split into many small periods of time which makes it hard to complete any functionality and if you want to blog about it, you have to finish something. You have to remember all the topics you went through when doing this and have a time to assemble that and build a conclusion. If you miss at least one of these things, you end up having done a lot of small things which don’t sum up to anything you could blog about. I think one post a week would be much better here, but maybe it would simply serve as an excuse to do less work than you really can do.

Simple project, complex solutions

No doubts the website I plan to implement is not a very sophisticated project and the scope is not that big. I wanted to involve as much new technologies and frameworks as possible in order to make it more interesting. This has one very basic drawback: when you learn new framework, or technology, you always find a lot of small problems that can generate a lot of time-waste without bringing much results in terms of project progress. I noticed that already long time ago, but I thought that changing such basic assumptions at that stage would cost me too much. Obvious benefit is that I am learning a lot and somehow that helps me move the project forward even that I know it won’t be the top project even if I make it shine for the end of May. I would definitely be higher in the final listing if I would pick some c# project and leave all the framework tips/tricks/troubleshooting to the others. I just assumed this won’t bring me that much knowledge so I decided to choose different approach. I don’t regret that.


I could make a status on the things I have learned, or bad choices and time wasted on things that I didn’t really need to implement such project, but knowing the number of the problems I faced and the fact that the whole framework and runtime I am working with is totally new for me, maybe that will be a good for a separate blog post, or two 🙂 (making it easier to fulfill the contest rules), so I will do only a small update on the implementation status.

As for now, I managed to change the configuration of the starter pack I used for my project to make automated builds on server side files, including the fact that I changed the language from pure JavaScript to TypeScript. That involved some work on Express configuration, typescript typings exploration, mongoose learning and implementing some first schemas for video data model. The model is not complete looking at the properties, but it gives a good start to add new properties as the project will advance (because, now i know how to do that, and that really makes the difference).

I have added some new components for videos list and details, I made some simple service that is working on real data retrieved from mongoDb via simple REST API. I added some stubs  for validation and started to build forms to make the first phase of the project complete. I think that making it shining will be a piece of cake once I get to that point.

I have successfully hosted my website in azure, which unfortunately can’t be confirmed as for today, because the trial period I used is already over. I will think now to move this to webio where I am hosting my stuff everyday. If somebody was reading what I am writing here, then he could see that it was there, for real, for couple of weeks.

I have forked some Git repo and built my own on this basis, I am using it and it’s fine, which is good knowing that I didn’t use git that much before. I admit I have problem with commits coming from the upstream repo merge that are displayed in my repo even that I didn’t want it to be this way. I had too many problems with the framework those days to fight also with this stuff, so I have left it this way and I hope nobody will care about it.

If I think about things I haven’t done so far, it would include:

  • Authentication on the website (using passportJs I suppose)
  • I had too many weeks of holidays if it goes about blog posts. Not that I didn’t do anything, but there were at least 2, or 3 weeks during which I blogged only once. I know this probably eliminates me from the contest, but I will keep doing what i am doing and see how it goes later.
  • I have serious problem with unit-tests so far. I have to change it.
  • I don’t have time to read my new book because all my spare time I am spending on the project, that makes me feel sad 🙁

I think the contest is great for students. When you’re working, married, with children, it’s pretty hard to find time for such a regular, time consuming activity. But that won’t make me quit, I will continue. Stay tuned.

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