First angular components

Easter time

Thanks God there is a possibility to get a week off for #dajsiepoznac, now that was a hard week, but it finally finished nice with Easter weekend. I hope you enjoyed it at least the same as I did. I kind of needed such a brake to reorganize myself and get back to work. So I have now a bit of time to get back to my project and advance on it.

Git strikes again

I realized recently, that when I pulled the ng2-mean-webpack starter sources from the upstream repo, I made the commits for this starter available as commits for my project, which is obviously wrong. Seems I need to spend one, or two days digging into Git as the more I am using it, the more differences I can see compared to the other version control system I’m used to. In any case, for now I will just leave it as is to not waste time for it. I hope it won’t be a problem for the organizers, I’ll try to not repeat this error when merging some updates from this upstream repo next time. Maybe somebody will point me to some obvious procedure resolving such issue? Would be appreciated!

Azure hosting

I took some time today to get the free package from Azure to host my project there. I’m really curious how is that non-ms stack (speaking about my application, so MEAN) hosting implemented there and how does it translate into money. I could expect that since no SQL Server is involved and the server is basically hosting some static content, it should be quite cheap, but we’ll see what cheap means for Microsoft. That’s something that will get public this week (I hope) but don’t expect too much from the app itself, it’s quite an early stage which I will explain as usual – no time for coding 🙂

Angular components

I started today to code my angular videos components just to get something displayed on the website – so that nobody could say I didn’t do anything but some js stuff :). For the beginning I needed to share my mongoose models somehow between the client code and server code, so I have extracted it to the root level subfolder called ‘shared’. This shared code will keep only interfaces for now so that I could easily refer to them from both server and client side of the app. Initially it’s quite difficult to find yourself comfortable in this kind of environment, when you’re used to working with C# in Visual Studio. But to be honest, after a while, you get this import-to-using relationship easily and things are looking cleaner than it seemed on the beginning.

I have also created a bunch of videos components files within the scope of the client side of my app and basically I am trying to organize it according to john papa’s angular 2 style guide. I really consider this guy a good reference when it comes to coding styles, especially in angular world, where he’s contributing at so many levels it’s even hard to imagine he’s finding time for all of that. I will need to remove all the unnecessary stuff from the starter, that is included by default  (like todo app, recipes lists etc. 🙂 ), so that I don’t waste the time of eventual watchers and their CPUs. I expect to have some progress on this project this week, stay tuned.




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