New day, new challenges

The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.

Woodrow Wilson

I just tried to rebuild the website when dozens of errors appeared on my screen. ‘Set python environment variable … bla bla bla’. Why on earth would I set any python variable? I don’t use python… Or at least I didn’t know i do. So I just started browsing the web to check what’s the problem related to and i found out, that I became a part of another community: Community of pissed-off Windows users that have problem running node (actually it’s node-gyp that’s causing the issue) because of some dependencies that are missing. Those include python and some VC++ stuff. More to read here: nodejs github issue. Take a look at the scroll bar, it’s for real. In any case, the solution mentioned in the linked comment supposedly helped many people. But didn’t help me, so… I’m in the middle of installing VC++ tools and Windows SDK. I also have a fresh installation of python. Maybe it’s a sign that python needs me to learn it?

This is the first time I am facing such a big problem problem with the whole node/javascript ecosystem. So far the experience was really nice. You want a web server? Sure, npm install. You want to write TypeScript? npm install. You want to get types definitions for some library to use it in TypeScript?  Guess what? NPM to the rescue. Except few, quite small issues I faced in the meantime, which I think is normal, the work was moving pretty well and I was hoping to dig into some real coding soon, but it looks like everything will be a bit more complex.

Issues aside, I am working on my data models and learning TypeScript. I have also learned a bit about npm, MongoDB, Express, so I can easily say that the main goal that I wanted to reach when joining Daj się poznać contest: start blogging and learn something new, is already materializing so I will be happy to dig into all next issues that are still waiting for me.

I am also still thinking how to involve .NET Core into this whole process. I’ve even got an idea, but first I need to make this website fully operational again. Then we’ll see.

Edit: It works fine now!

Solution, in my case was:

  1. Install Python (v2.7.11)
  2. Create PYTHON environment variable pointing to the python executable
  3. Install VC++ Tools and Windows SDK v8.1 from Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, like that: File -> New-> Project -> Visual C++ -> Select ‘Install VC++ Tools or something like that :)’.
  4. Wait long untill it installs
  5. npm install …
  6. enjoy 🙂

Maybe it will help somebody struggling with this topic as I did.

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