The starter pack for my .NET Videos project

I thought that it’s quite normal to search for some github repo that will implement some base setup for the projects using MEAN. There’s quite a bit of bits to be written before you start using this. Configuring Express, MongoDB, Angular, some simple-sample website just to have a template to work with later on, one or two components in Angular etc.

I have chosen as I it looked quite complete as for the time I looked for it. It seems, after a bit of research, that this starter pack is actually built on top of another one:, and the only difference seems to be mongo usage, so not a lot, to be honest. Another thing is that it’s developed and maintained by which I am following on twitter and I consider a very professional javascript guy. That made me think if I maybe should switch the approach, but since the project already generates such a problems because of the configuration – I will keep things the way they are today. I may regret that in the future, but for now the priority is to get things started as quick as possible. Stay tuned.

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