Technology picks – update

So few days ago I was describing some nice features I wanted to use. I have already been cautious at this level, but as life suggests, not enough.

First thing is that… nosql, whichever you want to pick, is not a good choice for aspnet core. Or maybe aspnet core isn’t a good choice if you want to for nosql. Regardless the answer, I had to make a choice here. So as for now, aspnet goes away and Express is warmly welcomed.

I finally decided that mongo will keep my storage and this being said, aspnet core just doesn’t fit as it’s simply not supported by mongodb. It’s at least a ‘work in progress’ whereas raven looks like it has forgotten where the importance of different platforms support lies. I was thinking about running some older version of .NET and then upgrade it while things are developing, but finally that option didn’t survive. Of course this will bring some complexity at the code/maintenance level, but well – we’re here to learn, not to earn. Or maybe both 🙂

In any case, since I didn’t manage to push anything as my projects couldn’t compile all the time, I finally decided to drop the .NET stuff and get my hands on the pure javascriptness. Let’s now see if it was a good choice.

Just to clarify/justify: mongodb was only a part of the problem, in the coreclr world, everything is more complicated than it seems. Even having multiple projects referencing eachother sounds difficult. If it sounds crazy, go and try it yourself. Having third-party libraries following this is another story, totally unpredictable as for me.

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