I always wanted to start blogging, I even tried long time ago but without any follow-up topics I gave up easily. I was waiting for something to trigger me again.

And so I found it. I decided to participate in a challenge called Daj się poznać, initiated by Maciej Aniserowicz, which is a polish initiative to motivate developers to let the world know about them.

Two main rules apply here:

  1. Start blogging. So that’s what is basically happening at this very moment.
  2. Start a new open source project on github and blog about it on a regular basis (twice a week at minimum).

Regarding second point, I feel like that’s something that won’t cost me much as I usually do some development stuff for fun and opening it up for public isn’t a big deal for me.

The project I’m going to work on is hosted on github according to the rules and you may find it here. It’s a simple website to aggregate movies speaking about .NET development topics. I know it’s nothing huge but I’ll do my best to make it at least interesting.

The blogging part is probably the biggest change in my daily workflow, but that’s a part of first rule. Will do.

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