Wrocsharp 2017

About Wroc# WROC# is a tech conference for. NET developers. It's hosted in Wrocław, POLAND. The inventor and organizer @lukaszgasior from @ObjectivityLtd made it for the 3rd time, each time being an inspiration day for all attendees. Previous two editions have been free for everybody, who was able to register (all tickets booked in seconds). This year, they decided that … Continue reading Wrocsharp 2017


Hi Guys! I've been doing some weird stuff looking for inspiration for my next pet-project. Seems that DSP'17 again has boosted my priorities. I will participate only to get hands-on update on modern JavaScript UI frameworks. In any case, maybe you'll find it useful 🙂 Stay tuned. Kuba

Invoking methods dynamically in C#: Examples and benchmarks

Introduction Imagine that you have a service, which receives requests to execute specific methods, possibly from a number of different underlying libraries that you don't want to expose directly. Possible examples are web services. The request comes in as a number of string values (method name, parameters etc.) and you need to respond with results. … Continue reading Invoking methods dynamically in C#: Examples and benchmarks